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In this room we follow your routines for feeding and sleeping and fit our planned activities around these routines.  All of the children in this group join in with activities such as painting, cooking, outdoor play, treasure baskets, music and movement.  Children are only moved to the next room after discussing this with parents/carers and when we feel they are both at the correct age and will fit confidently into the next room.



This room aims to help give children a little more independence.  Activities are planned to develop new skills and build on communication skills.  These areas are vital for the development of children in this age group and a range of indoor and outdoor activities are planned to encourage such development.



Moving up to this room helps prepare children for Pre-School.  It is a busier room with planned activities that are more structured.  Children will spend lots of time exploring, experimenting and investigating to help them learn about the world around them.  A strong emphasis is placed on helping children learn how to deal with emotions and also learn right from wrong.



Children can join this group any time after the age of 3 years.  Activities are planned to help them progress towards the early learning goals.  Our aim is to help children gain confidence, self-esteem and independence and provide them with the foundations that will help them throughout their life.  Fees apply over and above the free entitlement due to our session times being longer than 3 hours.



Children develop at different rates.  Children are encouraged to reach their full potential without being pushed beyond their capabilities.  Each child’s progress will be nurtured at his/her own level of understanding and development.  Topics such as my family and my home will form the focal point of nursery activities.  In all activities children are given praise and encouragement.